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Family Mediation and Counseling Services in Plainfield, Indiana


Parent Coordinator

When two parents split, it is important to understand the best solution for the children. We have staff trained by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts to help. Whether you need a parent coordinator or a guardian ad litem, we can assist you.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation includes an initial clinical risk assessment. We will determine the best course of action and provide progress reports to the court. These services are on-site with weekday and weekend availabilities. 

Off-site services are available as deemed appropriate. We will judge the need based on the safety risk for the children.

Custody Evaluation

All custody evaluations are completed by a master’s level professional. Each family member is evaluated individually with psychological testing available. Other collateral contacts are completed as necessary. The parent will remain a part of determining the solution.

Home Studies

Clinical home studies are completed in most custody evaluations. This evaluation is utilized by the staff to help determine a sound, effective parenting plan. We also offer safety home evaluations. Adoption home studies are available for in-state adoptions.


Our registered court mediator provides all mediation services. This mediation process promotes a cooperative resolution between parents. This helps them move beyond an adversarial relationship. We have been registered since 1977.


Classes and Programs

Two-House Family Model

Parenting after a divorce can be hard. Without forming a united parenting front, your child could suffer. Join us for this eight-week course to learn effective co-parenting skills. We recommend taking this course with both parents, if possible.

Children of Divorce

Divorce is a very difficult concept for children to handle. Many children even blame themselves. In this four-session course, your child or loved one can learn how to cope with the divorce of their parents. This class is designed specifically for children ages six to 18.

Parenting Skills Program

We understand that raising children is hard. That’s why we offer classes to improve your parenting skills, no matter what level you are on. Our parenting skills program is available as individual, conjoint and family sessions.